A candlelight sings
loads of love evergreen.
Bouquet of wishes
a symphony of temple
bells for an autumnal heart.
— Satya Palaparty, A Symphony of Temple Bells

A celebration of the unity of the arts in a performance of Indian classical and contemporary expression. Inspired by the vivid and poignant poetry from Satya Palaparty's A Symphony of Temple Bells, the performance amalgamates verse, music, dance, theatre and visual art.

...the juxtaposition of the music, painting, narration and dance to the poems was innovative and interesting...the artistry in the concept, the stage decor, the costumes, the space was amazing...another extremely thoughtful, out-of the-box performance...truly innovative work...
— Audience Member

by Nimi Trehan

Poetry with the unity of arts had a great impact. Such programs can bring change and uplift society.
— Audience Member


Funded in part by the D.C. Commission on the Arts & Humanities, an agency supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.